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Merlin Fargel als John © Mirco Wallat


The viewer witnesses the birth of a next generation of heroes who create a new crime myth thus defining the dawn of a new century. The young heroes investigate their first case. They are supported by what is probably the greatest and most famous pair of crime fighters in history: Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. The clash of these two generations creates a lot of explosive interaction. A wild chase leads through political intrigues, magic, and conspiracies. A typical Victorian backdrop and contemporary events of the industrial age are interwoven with a romantic love story that evolves from the interplay of the colonial exoticism of the British empire of the new era.

Merlin Fargel as John © Mirco Wallat


The character of Sherlock Holmes has been the epitome of all detective stories for over one hundred years. His myth has been unbroken for decades and is constantly redefined in the world of film and literature. He represents intelligence, suspense, adventure, dry humor, and analytical thinking. More topical than ever, he symbolizes the departure into a new era. What was then the industrial age for people is nowadays the development of the complex World Wide Web. What would Sherlock Holmes be without his partner Dr. Watson? They are a team that always sticks together, sharing puns, advice and action, and complementing each other perfectly.

Ethan Freeman (Sherlock) © Stefan Wagner

Ethan Freeman (Sherlock) © Stefan Wagner
Diplomatenball 1 © Stefan Wagner


A stage spectacle that draws the audience right into the center of the action. An exciting adventure that combines all the elements of classic musicals, artistry, stunts and state-of-theart stage technology. It is turned into a contemporary, unforgettable experience. The boundaries of classical proscenium stage theatre are dissolved, the 4th wall has been broken. We find ourselves in a tangible overall room concept in order to meet the demands of contemporary entertainment and current viewing habits. Our heroic duo moves on several levels and struggles through the elements of fire, water, air, and earth. Brilliant technology is used intelligently and with precision to support the actors’ scenes in their effect.

Diplomats Ball 1 © Stefan Wagner

Sherlock Holmes - Next Generation - has earned attention and does not have to hide behind the big Hamburg musical productions - on the contrary (...) The premiere guests would also recommend the piece immediately.

NDR 90,3

proves (...) that Doyle's character always works sung (...) to the excellent live music of the band playing behind a curtain, almost every note sits (...) In the permanent exchange of blows between young and old (...) a dynamic is created.

Die Zeit

Catherine (Alice Wittmer) (...) stands out not only for her acting naturalness but also for a very interesting coloring in her singing voice. (...) The surprise of the evening is Merlin Fargel in the role of John. (...) But the greatest gift of this excellent production is the music by Christian Heckelsmüller.

blickpunkt musical 02/19

Worthwhile (...) This half-dozen musicians deliver what is often only promised at far larger houses by far more powerful entertainment companies: (...) joy of playing and virtuosity (...) wonderful compositions (...) an ensemble that acts as if from one cast (...) magical stage moment (...) worth the wait